Disc Golf

What’s Disc Golf?
Disc golf is played with a disc or Frisbee® that is thrown from a tee area with the intention of hitting a target. Like golf, the object of the game is to hit the target in the fewest number of strokes (or throws). There are several types of disc golf targets, but the most common is the Pole Hole®, an elevated basket comprised of metal chains.

Play Disc Golf in Four Simple Steps

  1. Stand on the tee area and throw your disc at the target. If your disc hits the basket, you are a rock star.
  2. If not, you must proceed down the fairway to the place your disc landed and try to hit the target from that spot.
  3. Play for that hole is completed when your disc lands in the basket.
  4. Record the number of throws it took you to hit the target, and then proceed to the next target.

Who’s Playing?
Anyone who enjoys being outdoors and throwing a Frisbee® will love playing disc golf. A sport that is easy to pick up, disc golf enables people to play at their own pace, and is an ideal activity for the specially-abled.

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) governs official competitive events for men and women of every skill level. To learn more, click here.

Of Course
To get in on the great sport of disc golf, check out disc golf directory to see if there is a course listed near you. City and state parks often have free disc golf courses available for you to play on.

If you do not have a disc golf course in your area, it is fairly easy to create your own course in an available green space. The ideal disc golf course features wooded and open terrains, with trees, bushes and other environmental elements along the fairway to provide obstacles for discs and challenges for disc golfers. A nine-hole disc golf course requires at least five acres of land, and an 18-hole course needs 30 to 40 acres. It is important to note that disc golf courses should be able to coexist with a park’s current facilities and activity areas.

Visit the PDGA resources section to learn more about the design and installation of new disc golf courses.

Top 10 Reasons to Play Disc Golf
1. It’s enjoyable for players of all fitness levels.
2. One round of disc golf takes less than two hours.
3. No scheduling − you can play anytime you want.
4. It’s cheap - a professional disc can be had for ten bucks.
5. It increases your upper and lower body strength.
6. You can play alone or with any number of friends.
7. There is almost no risk of injury.
8. You can play all year – rain or shine.
9. It increases mental and physical coordination.
10. It’s seriously fun!